A Biography of Corporate Christ.

Corporate Christ is a prominent producer, author and a singer from the UK. He was born in the year 1981 June. However, his real name is known as Simon Lewis. He has produced various albums that mainly addresses his difficulties on his past during his young age and as he grew up. His main album that narrates his nature of life and the behavior of his life as grew up is known as 'The Pornographer' where he enumerates how he grew up as a homosexual in an area known as Valley town where the issue was hardly accepted. He was a drug addict mostly the Ecstasy, Amphetamines, and sometimes on Cocaine and Heroines. To learn more about Music, visit Industrial Pop. His health deteriorated and was admitted to hospital but after getting out of the hospital, he continued with drugs. He ended up in a rehabilitation facility in Cardiff. After a short time, Corporate Christ was battling serious bowel disease that was about to kill him in the year 2012. The disease was deadly; though people saw it as his end, Corporate Christ focused on his authorship work despite his condition. He became detached from the rest of society. However, after some time, he reunites with the community where he made one of the best friends; Fred. However, his only best friend commits suicide, an issue that emotionally disturbs Corporate Christ in a great way.
Following the death of his best friend, Corporate Christ wrote another album known as 'Adam Kadmon' that narrates the horrific experience and feel about the demise of his best friend. He explains how he suffers emotionally and how he could hardly find sleep and a lot of feels of grief. Read more about Music from Indie Authors. He later produces other albums that also continue to give us the picture of how he struggled with life and hos bad relationship with his own biological father. Such album includes '8 Hours Closer' and prominent documentary 'Lives Less Ordinary'. Both talks about how he grew up with mental health problems and hos bad relationship with his father. From the year 2018, he started to write his first novel 'Marcelle' and another album known as 'The Death of a Dying Star'. He also began studies at the University of Wales where he extended his passion to acquire a degree in popular music. In order to study about the tragic life of Corporate Christ, there are copies of books and music online where one can study his entire life as he grew up from his young age. Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musician.